Nutritional Minimums

body calories

However, it is also obvious from the above table that aerobic

exercise such as running is the most efficient for burning up

calories and speeding up the process of metabolizing body fat.

Running for a half hour every day will result in loss of about a

pound of fat every ten days in addition to the weight loss obtained

by dieting and other kinds of training.

Nutritional Minimums

Depriving the body of calories is one thing (the body has calories

stored in the form of fat that it can use to make up for this

deprivation), but depriving it of essential nutrients is something


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Bodybuilders put a great strain on the body as they strive to

get it to respond to its maximum.


Therefore any nutritional deprivation can be much more serious for the bodybuilder than for

someone leading a less Where To Buy Legal Steroids? – – credit … physically demanding life.

There is some disagreement over what actually constitutes nutritional minimums for both athletes and nonathletes, but the

following guidelines represent a reasonable approach.

body calories

Protein. The generally recommended amount of protein in the

average diet is 1 gram per kilo (2.2 pounds) of body weight. A few

body calories

experts believe that even hard-training bodybuilders do not require any more protein than this, that, in fact, the need for protein in the diet is highly overrated.

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However, the majority of

bodybuilders prefer to take in larger amounts of protein, recommending about 1 gram per pound of body weight.

When a bodybuilder is trying to get in shape for a contest, his

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